Gem Sivad


Quincy’s Woman

by Gem Sivad

Quince-2_digital final book cover Quincy's Woman

The Civil War is over and in Boston Lucille McKenna is ready to party with her friends. But her father decides to visit Texas, removing her from the sophisticated life she’s always led.  Once they arrive in Eclipse, she meets rancher, Ambrose Quince, and Lucy turns into a flustered girl. He’s too old, war roughened and unrefined–and she has no idea how to deal with the way he makes her feel.Quincy falls fast and hard for the debutante visiting town. Persuading Lucy to accept his pursuit is hard since he can’t even justify his interest to himself. He has ranch chores waiting, and no time to be running to town to court a woman. He also understands Lucille McKenna was never meant for the likes of him, but he can’t help himself. His heart’s set on having her and that’s that.When tragedy strikes, Lucy accepts the gruff rancher’s proposal,turning to him for solace and protection. Angry disagreements often flare between them, but passion turns to love as they struggle to survive their harsh Texas life.

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